one of the references:
Global Warming 101 video from National Geographic:

Drink and Drive

Personal public service ad for DD
the objective is to emphasizes how drunk driving accident are more of a choice that the driver choose rather than a normal traffic accident.

Creative/Art Director: Ferdi Rizkiyanto
Digital Imaging: Ferdi Rizkiyanto


Close Encounter

Wellness Academie

Client: Wellness Academie
Creative Director: Dieter Ketelslagers
Art Dir/Digital Artist: Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Social Media Ctrl

Agency: Social Media Ctrl
Director/Creative Director: Kohen Grogan
Director/Web Development: Sean Mulcahy
Art Dir. - Digital Artist: Ferdi Rizkiyanto


Hi-Res Preview: http://bit.ly/1kvGHqe

Red Bull - The Spirit Within

Coca Cola Zero

Agency: Majestic media
Exec. Creative Director: Mario Zelaya
Art Director: Ferdi Rizkiyanto
Digital Imaging: Ferdi Rizkiyanto



Social TitanLabs

Brand: Social TitanLabs - socialtitanlabs.com
Agency: Majestic Media - www.majesticmedia.ca
Creative Director: Mario Zelaya
Project Manager: Brandi Lee Tower
Client Services Manager: Kyle Murphy
Interactive Developer: Alvaro Ricotta

Art Dir. & Digital Imaging: Ferdi Rizkiyanto


Detail preview and process: http://bit.ly/18UPHAy

What Lies Under

Every non profit environmental organizations may use this artwork, contact me for a higher resolution image.

Update: Someone informed me about Jim Warren's painting "Don't mess with mother nature"
Although I never saw it when I came up with the idea behind "What lies under", Jim Warren's "Don't mess with mother nature" is indeed the first one that have this idea. You guys should checkout his work, he is an amazing artist.


Details: http://bit.ly/1cDTsPz